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S, 2023

I cannot recommend Leonie highly enough. Over two years of counselling sessions with her, I witnessed a remarkable change in myself. She is incredibly easy to speak to and always made me feel hopeful, carefully listened to, understood, encouraged, and supported. She always gave me pointers and tools on how to approach different issues such as grief and low self-esteem in the future. Very often, I would come out of the sessions telling myself I could not have spent my money in a better way. Thank you!

E, 2023

 Leonie has always made me feel she's on my team, something that has been really appreciated to make me feel safe and supported, while also having an excellent memory for events to help connect the dots. I've been able to take everything at my own pace, which has been an emotional rollercoaster for sure, but I now feel equipped to take things from here and positive about the future. Thank you.

Z, 2023

Leonie has always provided a safe space to discuss, process, and better understand my anxieties and myself, and for that I cannot thank her enough.

L, 2022

Leonie gave me a safe and judgement free space to express myself and work through the problems I was facing. Her ability to listen, summarise and reflect helped me to accept what was, and to take action to address that which was in my sphere of influence. Would highly recommend!

K, 2022

Leonie was amazing from the first meeting, she made me feel listened to and never judged. I had a helpful and positive experience and I have left after 12 weeks feeling positive and equipped to deal with things that may come up in the future. 

I, 2021

Throughout our sessions Leonie was warm, open, understanding and compassionate. I felt like it was an incredible safe space to discuss all manner of things and cannot recommend Leonie highly enough. I feel like I have gained both an inner confidence and  a stronger mindset through our appointments and particularly enjoyed the creative sessions!

J, 2021

Leonie is thoughtful, reflective and very helpful. I needed to explore matters in my middle age with other issues fast approaching. She did help me a lot trying to help me understand myself better. I would certainly recommend her highly.

H, 2020

Leonie was very supportive when I was struggling with a long term issue. Thanks to her listening skills, patience and well-timed suggestions I was able to understand how my thinking was contributing to it and also what would be a far more sensible way to approach this issue in the future. Thank you!


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